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We have been operating private detective agencies for over twenty years in Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York.  In Illinois we were also licensed as a Security Contractor. *

Included in the scope of these assignments has been significant focus on four primary areas:

1.  Felony Criminal investigations supporting the criminal defense bar.


2. Civil Investigations including Insurance Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Workmen's Compensation Claims, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Personal Injury Cases.


3.  Surveillance both conventional and with the use of body cameras dealing with domestic cases and workman's compensation investigations.

3.  Security for office buildings, apartment complexes and condominiums.  This work entailed setting up SOP for various locations, doing premise security analysis, supervision and training for security guards both armed and unarmed.


Illinois issues separate licenses for Security Contractors and Private Detectives. We met the requirements and passed the mantadory tests for both.


Biographies of Owners