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1. We will write thorough, complete reports based only on interviews and observations. We write on the basis that our investigative reports can stand up to a rigorous cross examination. We conduct all analyses of security issues in a thorough professional manner.

2. Any intangible impressions are produced in the form of confidential work product.

3. We read every line of every report: accident reports, police reports, transcripts, medical records, hearing testimony, etc. so that when we are conducting an investigation, we are well informed about what to look for to determine what the facts are, to impeach an opposing witness, to help create a preponderance of the evidence, to help establish reasonable doubt or to react to inconsistencies in data or statements. We review all operating procedures involving security matters based on years of practical experience.

4. We are equally at home in conversations on the street or in giving testimony under oath. We can talk about complex issues in simple terms on the factory floor or in the boardroom.

5. We will structure information to meet internal business and management objectives as well as for use in court.

6. We can do investigations across a broad range of subjects from violent crimes to fraud, and embezzlement.  We have experience in providing security services to clients ranging from multiple unit residential buildings to large commercial office buildings